The Best USB Battery

EasyACC Power Bank

PROS – The device is relatively small and light, making it quite portable.

CONS – The customer support options are weak.

VERDICT – There are better options than the EasyAcc Power Bank, but this external battery pack charges devices with little fuss.

The EasyAcc Power Bank sports a 10,000-mAH (milliampere hour) battery that has enough juice to recharge your smartphone several times over. This external battery pack also has several useful features and a relatively small form factor. The Power Bank is also quite light, which makes it a good choice for traveling. This is a USB battery pack that can charge your mobile devices, but not as well as some of the higher-ranked products on our lineup. It certainly isn’t the best mobile battery pack on the market.

You can plug in two mobile devices at once to charge them with the Power Bank. One of the USB ports is rated for 1.5 amps and the other for 2.1 amps. The 2.1-amp port is your best bet for charging tablets in any reasonable time frame. You should use the 1.5-amp port when you want to trickle-charge your smartphone. The Power Bank’s input is limited to 1.5 amps, which means that it takes quite a while to charge the mobile phone battery pack. You can expect it to take around 10 hours in ideal conditions. You should not use this device for pass-through charging.

Portability takes into account not only a device’s size, but also its weight and shape. The Power Bank is one of the more portable external battery packs on our lineup. It’s 5.2 x 2.8 x 0.6 inches large. That’s quite compact for the 10,000-mAh battery it offers. It also weighs a mere 8.5 ounces, which is on the lighter end of high-capacity battery packs.


We found most of the useful extras we look for in external battery packs on the Power Bank. There are LEDs that indicate how much juice remains in the battery pack, an automatic shut-off feature, an included micro-USB cable and a low-battery warning. The only thing we didn’t find was an LED flashlight, which is unfortunate because such flashlights can be very useful when you’re traveling.

We weren’t at all impressed with EasyAcc’s support options. The Power Bank comes with a one-year warranty, which is the industry standard. However, you can only contact the manufacturer through email, and little extra information is available. There isn’t an online manual for the product or a knowledgebase.


The EasyAcc Power Bank is a good external battery pack, but it lacks some of the conveniences and specs of higher-rated products. We were particularly disappointed in the weak customer support options. Its lack of pass-through charging is also disappointing. Despite its flaws, the Power Bank is OK for what it does. It isn’t the best external battery pack, but it does what’s essential.

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