The Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum

Hoover FloorMate Deluxe

The popularity of hardwood floors comes from their timeless and long-lasting beauty. Keeping those floors clean can be a challenge. Hardwood floors are pricey and the last thing you want to do is damage them by not using the right products and equipment on them.

A hardwood floor vacuum allows you to keep your floors clean with the peace of mind that you aren’t going to damage them. A vacuum that meets the needs of a hardwood floor has to have good suction and cleaning ability without a beater bar, as a beater can scratch the surface of the floor. There are vacuums available that can clean well and protect the surface of your hardwood floors.

The Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner (Hoover) uses unique technology to create a hardwood floor vacuum that scrubs, cleans, and dries floors with one machine.

A dual tank system gives you the chance to clean hardwood floors without the worry that you’ll be spreading dirty water on your floors. When using a traditional mop, unless you are changing the water out frequently, the water gets dirty and before you know it you’re spreading the dirt rather than removing it. The Hoover’s system guarantees you that you’ll always have clean water on the floor because one tank holds the clean water, while the other holds the dirty water. These clear 1.5 quart tanks let you see the water level so that you know when it’s time to refill and empty each tank.

The tanks can be easily removed for filling and emptying. However, both tanks are tall and slim, making them too tall to fit into some kitchen and bathroom sinks. You’ll have to use a utility or bath tub faucet to fill them if you have a shallow sink. You can use a little soap or Hoover’s cleaning solution in the clean water tank for some soap and disinfecting action. However, it cleans with water only just as well.

The Hoover uses four spin scrub brushes on an 11.5-inch nozzle to wash away dirt and grim. These counter-rotating brushes are gentle enough not to scratch hardwood surfaces but sturdy enough to get most dirt. The nozzle can be removed to be rinsed and cleaned after each use, prolonging the life of the scrub brushes.

It is recommended by the manufacturer that you vacuum or sweep the surface of the floor before washing with the Hoover. Picking up this extra dirt keeps the tank from filling as fast. Even with this step, if you have dirt and food stuck to the floor, it may take several passes with the Hoover to loosen and pick up the material. There is a clean boost button on the handle that puts down extra detergent for these hard to clean areas.


As you are cleaning with the Hoover, it simultaneously sucks up the water, which helps to dry the floor more quickly. Hardwood floors are easily damaged by excess water so removing the water as quickly as possible is an important consideration. You should know that the surface of your hardwood floors will still be damp after using the Hoover. Some users did report that there was some dripping onto the floor right after filling the tanks. Be conscious of where drips are so that you don’t get water damage from uncleaned spills. There is a ‘dry’ setting that provides heavier suction meant to be used after a severe spill or with flooding in the house, giving you another option to get your floors dry quickly.

You will need to learn the technique of using the Hoover to get the best results. The manual does not provide much direction about the most efficient way to clean and dry floors. Users found that when they held down the clean boost button while pushing the Hoover away from them and then released it on the pull back, they were able to get the cleaning and suction results they wanted. If there was excess water, they went over the area again without pressing the clean boost button.

The Hoover is not a lightweight machine. Some users found the weight to be a deterrent to using it on a daily or weekly basis. While they liked the cleaning power, the difficulty they had in lifting or using the vacuum on stairs caused them to use it for deep cleaning only. However, despite the heavy weight, it is still maneuverable. The head is smaller than a standard vacuum and the entire vacuum rotates well enough to allow you to clean under beds and in tight corners.

It comes with a 20-foot cord which gives you adequate reach, but many users would have liked a longer cord so they didn’t have to change outlets as often.

The Hoover does provide excellent cleaning power. The clear tanks let you see how much dirt you are picking up and it is impressive. It comes with or without a foldable handle. The model with the foldable handle is more expensive.

It also comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

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