The Best Christmas Tree Stand

Krinner Tree Genie XXL

The top Christmas tree stand pick for many consumers is the Krinner Genie XXL model. Most households are used to those old-fashioned stands that have four, finger screws attached to a wobbly base. The Krinner model is a completely different design, however. It’s made in Germany, which gives it an exotic feel for stateside residents. With a dark-green hue, this base can blend in with your tree skirt while still looking attractive if it’s uncovered.

One of the major benefits to the Krinner stand is its shape. You might be accustomed to a bowl-like stand that has extending legs stretching outward. This stand, however, has an almost enclosed appearance. When you look at it from a top-side view, it looks like a green donut with a dark, center point. The water that’s stored within this area is virtually trapped so that no leaks will be issues underneath the tree. The circular shape means that no legs are pressing against your floor or carpet where they can create indentations for the long term. Consumers appreciate the stand’s shape because it can be stored much more easily than other brands. The only part that does stand out from the base is the foot pedal.

You might be curious about the foot pedal because most Christmas tree stands don’t normally have this feature. Krinner advertises the stand as one of the simplest models to use for any adult. Typically, you slide the trunk into the base and press on the foot pedal. After pumping the pedal several times, you’re actively forcing the stand’s clamps against the trunk. There’s no need to venture down on your hands and knees to tighten the clamps. Although this action is true in some instances, several consumers have noted that they still need to adjust the trunk at the base by using their hands. Afterward, the foot pedal is used without any issues.


A common problem seen almost every Christmas is matching the stand to the tree-trunk’s diameter. Last year, the family bought a small, five-foot tree with a narrow trunk. This year, however, you decided on a 10-foot tree with a thick base. Most tree stands aren’t versatile for these conditions, but the Krinner model is different. Select a tree-trunk diameter of up to seven-inches wide, and it will still fit in the stand. The base itself has a 20-inch wide dimension, which allows it to support these tree sizes. Unless the tree isn’t properly secured, the stand will hold a huge specimen during the entire holiday season.

When you purchase a basic tree stand, it might come with a short warranty period, such as 90 days. Krinner understands that their product is an investment in your holiday decorations. With this fact in mind, the Genie XXL stand comes with a five-year warranty. You may need to fill out a registration card, and mail it in with a receipt of purchase. However, this extra effort allows you to have repairs or replacements on your stand for the full, five years. This warranty perk makes many consumers look twice at the Krinner model before trying a less expensive product.

An ingenious feature incorporated into the Genie XXL is the water-level indicator. There’s a simple float that sticks up out of the stand as you fill it with water. As the tree drinks its water, the float will indicate the changing conditions. When it’s time to fill the stand, the float tells the family that it’s time. Because the stand is enclosed, this indicator allows you to water the tree without accidentally overflowing the reservoir. There is no overflow tray, which some consumers note is concerning. However, you shouldn’t need a tray if the float gives you an accurate view of the water level.

As the most sturdy base on the market today, the Krinner model does have a price tag to reflect that quality design. Although you may be concerned about the price, it’s important to look at the stand as a long-term investment. You won’t use it only one Christmas because it’s meant to last for five years or longer. In the end, you’ll have a stand that’s perfect for any tree size that you prefer.

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